Monday, May 1, 2017

Minor Construction Work to Begin this Week

Work Completed last week, April 24th to 28th  
·         Resident preconstruction meeting conducted. Thanks to all of you that attended
·         Material Deliveries
·         Set-up Staging area on south end of project

Work Anticipated to be completed, May 1st to May 5th  
·         Grind-in-place the existing roadway on the north end of the project
·         Continue with material deliveries
·         Finalize staging area on south end of the project
·         Mobilization of equipment

Thanks to all of you that attending the Resident Preconstruction Meeting last Monday evening. We hope that you found it informative and well worth your time.

Next week, the contractor will begin mobilization of equipment and work in preparation for heavy underground utility construction starting the week of May 8th. The contractor will grind-in-place the existing roadway along Raleigh Road from Hudson Road to Glenview Road, Drake Road from Raleigh Road to Glenview Road, and Baffin Road from Drake Road to Raleigh Road.  The grind-in-place work is anticipated to take 1-day and you will be able to drive on it soon after it is completed. However, during the construction, the section of roadway being worked on will be difficult to drive on and use of an alternative route is suggested.

As the week continues, you will see periods of construction activity with the major work starting on Monday, May 8th.