Friday, May 26, 2017

Storm Sewer and Sanitary Sewer Improvements to Continue

Work Completed, May 22nd to May 26th  
·         Water main installation along Baffin Road
·         Storm sewer installation along Raleigh Road
·         Sanitary sewer replacements along Raleigh Road and Baffin Road

Work Anticipated to be completed, May 30th to June 2nd
·         Sanitary sewer replacements on Raleigh from Drake to Baffin
·         Install storm sewer at intersection of Raleigh Road and York Road

As you are aware, Nicor Gas has been installing a new gas main along Glenview Road for the past few weeks.  Nicor will also be installing new gas main within the entire neighborhood and new gas service to each home. The work will be performed in conjunction with the Village project, but the Village project will take priority regarding scheduling and completion dates. It is anticipated Nicor will begin working on the south end of the neighborhood, along Raleigh Road near York Road, later next week. You should expect, or have previously received, correspondence from Nicor regarding the work to be performed and contact information should you have any concerns with their portion of the work.

Thanks again for all your patience and understanding.

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend!!!!