Friday, July 14, 2017

Water Main Improvements Nearly Complete. Please Contact NICOR when Requested

Work Performed, July 10th to July 14th   
·         Performed water service replacements along Drake Road and Raleigh Road.

Work Anticipated to be performed, July 17th to July 21st    
·         Complete water service replacements along Drake Road
·         Final connections and disconnections to existing water main at Hudson Road & Raleigh Road, Glenview Road & Raleigh Road, and Glenview Road & Drake Road.
·         Begin storm sewer improvements along Raleigh Road starting near Drake Road and moving south to Hudson Road.
·         Nicor Gas continuing to install gas mains and services

The new water main installation and service replacements will be completed by the end of the next week. There are a few services yet to replace along with making the final disconnections / connections to the existing main at various intersections.  During the water main connections / disconnections, a limited number of residents will be without water. The Village of Glenview will notify each resident of the day and time which the water will be turned off prior to doing the work.

The contractor will then resume installing storm sewer along Raleigh Road during the middle of next week.

Nicor Gas has been replacing the gas main and services throughout the neighborhood. They will be contacting you to schedule a time to switch-over from your old service to the new service.  As work as progressed, more and more services are able to be switched from the old main to the new main.  This is becoming a critical point in the construction in which the old main needs to be removed to avoid conflicts with the new storm sewer, please contact Nicor as soon as possible after you are contacted to allow them to make the switch.  Your cooperation in this is greatly appreciated and will help in keeping the project moving forward without delays.

Thanks again for all your patience and understanding while living in a construction area throughout the neighborhood.