Saturday, July 29, 2017

Storm Sewer Installation Continues

Work Performed, July 24th to July 28th 
·         Continued with storm sewer installation along Raleigh Road from Drake Road north to Glenview Road
·         Continued with storm sewer installation along Raleigh Road from Drake Road to the south
·         Started storm sewer installation along Baffin Road
·         Nicor Gas has completed making all the connections between the new gas main and each residence.

Work Anticipated to be performed, July 31st to August 4th 
·         Continue with storm sewer installation along Raleigh Road, Baffin Road, and Drake Road
·         Grind-in-place the existing pavement along York Road, Hudson Road, and Raleigh Road south of Hudson Road
·         Nicor to complete abandonments of existing gas main and services.

The contractor has continued installing storm sewer along Raleigh Road. Due to several conflicts within existing utility companies (ComEd, AT&T, and WOW!), the contractor will be moving around to different areas of the jobsite until the utilities in conflict are relocated.  It is anticipated the storm sewer will be completed by the 2nd week of August.

Once the storm sewer along Raleigh is completed, the contractor will begin roadway improvements on the south half of the project along Hudson Road and York Road. The first step will be to grind-in-place the existing pavement in the area where it was not previously completed. As roadway construction and excavation begins, it will be increasingly more difficult to travel along the roadways because the entire roadway width will be under construction. The Village will provide notices regarding anticipated timeframes for work along each section of roadway.

The roadway improvements will include removing the existing asphalt pavement, installing new gravel base materials, repair unstable areas of the existing materials under the roadway, new concrete curb & gutter, and new asphalt pavement.

Thanks again for all your understanding as construction continues.